Hi Cynthia,

It's been more than a year since our renovation was completed and I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with everything.  The job you did was outstanding and we have had many compliments from just about everyone (even the building inspector who came around for the final inspection).  In October we had a couple of real estate agents in to value the house (always good to know where you stand) and they were taken aback at the high quality fit and finish of the renovation.  One said to me that they see a lot of renovated places but very few to the standard of ours… 

…In any case it doesn't matter what other people think, we are very pleased, our renovated house is exactly as we wanted it to be and to the standard we wished for.  Thank you again for a terrific job (and for putting up with my constant questions during the job - you were very patient)  Slowly piece by piece we are adding the accessories to complete the picture but one and a half years later we love it as much as the day the job was completed.  We couldn't have asked for more.

All the very best
D. & L. Davidson

Cynthia is committed to making things work for her clients. She is willing to work together and incorporate her ideas with those of her clients. Over the last few years my decorating budget has fluctuated. Cynthia is skilled and savvy enough to still bring our vision together while not always accessing the highest end of decor available. Her room palettes are unique but stand the test of time. She stands out in a decor business that is currently saturated by others who do not have the same quality of taste and knowledge.

Chris and Evelyn Damianidis
Mississauga , Ontario